Special needs activities center for developmentally delayed youth & young adults

Our Mission

At Capability Ranch we aim to help nurture the creative talents and abilities of children and young adults with developmental delays, by exposing them to a variety of enriching activities and events at that inspire their imagination, enhance creative abilities, entertain, and help them discover and participate in new activities, projects and events.

Capability Ranch In the News

Parade Magazine profiled Nicola Bridges for their Mother’s Day issue, featuring “Moms We Love.”

An excerpt from the story:

The seed for Capability Ranch sprouted in the frenzied cracks between balancing Owen’s needs with those of her older son, Jack, her career and her husband. “One day, I realized that if I could start over, I’d be a teacher or a special-education facilitator,” she says. “It was just a feeling, but it stayed with me for years.”

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Help us make this dream a reality to serve our special needs tribe who have amazing untapped creativity. Capability Ranch provides parents a place to bring their ‘forever kids’ to commune and make new friends — where the tears, worries, quirks, low lows and high highs are understood and embraced with laughter and love.